Does Cyberknife Treatment For Optic Nerve Tumors Really Work?

Published: 19th October 2010
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Optic nerve tumors can cause debilitating effects to the person. It can result to total blindness if treatment was not sought right away.

There are various treatment modalities that can be employed to eradicate these abnormal cell growths, and one of them is the cyberknife treatment for optic nerve tumors. It will be discussed shortly after some of the information about this condition have been explained.

There are two main classifications of optic nerve tumors, the Primary tumor and the Secondary tumor.

Primary tumor this occurs on the optic nerves or on the meninges that covers it. It can be caused by either chemical or biological factors that alter the normal conditions of healthy cells. Primary tumors can further be classified into Optic Glioma or Optic Nerve Meningioma,

Secondary tumor this is an abnormal cell growth that resulted from another tumor, such as that developed in brain or in nearby structures.

The symptoms of optic nerve tumor are hard to distinguish, because they may be similarly presented as with other diseases of the eyes. The final diagnosis of such condition is ruled out once the patient has undergone a thorough examination and diagnostic studies that yielded results that are convincing enough of such condition.

The most common manifestations of this condition are failing eyesight, drooping of the eyelids, double vision, and total blindness. In most cases, these symptoms are not presented at the early stage of the disease. There are some cases that showed people having the tumor since they were at a younger age, but they manifested the symptoms later in their life.

There are three major treatment modalities for this condition, which are chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy (specifically with the use of cyberknife treatment for optic nerve tumors).

Chemotherapy uses drugs that will dissolve the tumor. It can either completely eradicate the tumor mass or just reduce its size. Although it might work, its disadvantage is that it can be toxic to other cells as well. When it kills the abnormal cells, it also does the same to the healthy ones.

Surgery is highly recommended for large tumors, especially those that block the trail of eye fluids. This is a delicate procedure and it should be done by a highly-skilled eye surgeon. It should also be performed with strict aseptic technique because most of the complications of eye surgeries are infections that were introduced through improper handling of operation tools.

Radiation therapy is what many eye doctors consider as the "ideal therapy," not only because it removes the tumor in precise manner, but because it is safe to perform. It does not exterminate the healthy cells, and it does to injure the eye like in surgery. One form of this treatment modality is the cyberknife approach. It uses the gamma rays to remove small or large tumors that destruct the optic nerve.

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